As an aspiring public relations professional, my main goal is to support clients and communicate who they are and why they matter to their publics. I have always been a people person my entire life, so it was no surprise that this profession is where I found myself as an adult. I loved everything about studying communications and public relations, especially the opportunity to make a difference in a person or a company’s success.

I grew up in Port Jefferson Station on Long Island where I attended Comsewogue High School. I knew at that point that I wanted to go to college, just unsure of where and for what! Since I was so uncertain, I felt the best way to begin my undergraduate degree was at Suffolk County Community college, studying liberal arts. That way, I was able to really get a feel for each course and what I would end up studying as my major. It was at Suffolk where I took my first communications class, COM 101. From that moment on, I knew what I wanted to do. I fell in love with the art of communications and all the different layers and interpretations of conversation. I specifically enjoyed persuasion and the opportunity to be creative.

Once I graduated Suffolk County Community College, I transferred to SUNY Oswego to complete my bachelor’s degree. I took my first Public Relations course there, and the rest was history. I was able to channel my love for creativity and persuasion into a more specific branch of communication. Throughout my time at SUNY Oswego, I worked on various campaign plans, digital media projects, and strategic communication coursework. I also worked my very first internship during that time, which was as a Social Media Marketing intern for Maxxima Lighting on Long Island. I spent every day there creating social media content, strategically curating content calendars, and sitting in on marketing meetings to discuss ideas for the future of the company.

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I found my first full-time job at Stony Brook Hospital. I currently work there as an outpatient registrar where my main task is registering patients for their appointments and making sure all of their demographic and insurance information is up-to-date. I am able to apply a lot of the communications skills that I learned in my undergraduate degree there, as I am constantly interacting with patrons of the hospital. As I begin to grow, I have decided to re-enroll in SUNY Oswego to get my master’s degree in strategic communication. I hope this will help me find my place in the public relations and communications world permanently one day.

I am an excellent communicator and team player, looking to dive right in and gain experience as soon as possible. I am excited to see what the future brings!

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